Regulation Unit FVG9401ec

Fahrhebelverstellgerät FVG9401ec

Versatile regulation unit for throttle valves, injection pumps and automatic gearboxes

The regulation unit FVG9401ec is a versatile linear actuator to operate throttle valves and injection pumps of internal combustion engines, as well as selector levers of automatic gearboxes.

Main features:

  • Max. shifting travel: 100 mm
  • Max. shifting force: 150 N (500 N temporarily)
  • Max. shifting speed: 0.5 m/s
  • Resolution and repetitive accuracy: < 0.05 mm
  • Absolute position measuring
  • Push- and pull operation
  • Limitation of shifting force
  • Extended Safety functions:
    2-channel emergency stop and STO function
    Optional Safely-Limited Speed (SLS)


Steel rod
Steel rod

Steel rod

The mechanical design allows the connection of a steel rod with toothed rack.

Flexball® cables
Flexball® cable

Flexball® cables

The mechanical coupling is also possible by a connection of a Flexball® cables with toothed rack.

Connection for Miniterminal MT1
Connection for Miniterminal MT1

Connection for Miniterminal MT1

The Miniterminal MT1 which is available as an accessory can be plugged directly to the actuator without additional cabling. This allows the operator a direct view to the actuator or coupling point for all setting work.


Order information Order No.
FLEXBALL® cable 1.5m with toothed rack SHB000930
FLEXBALL® cable with toothed rack, customized length (on request)
Mechanical coupling steel rod with toothed rack SHB000931
Miniterminal MT1 incl. connection cable, 1.5m and connector SHB000905
Handterminal HT9201 incl. connection cable, 3m and connector SHB000906