Dr.-Ing. S. Haußmann Industrieelektronik

Successful appearance at the Automotive Testing Expo China 2017

Customized development
Compact electronic cabinets

Customized development
Mobile control unit for component testing on test Stands

Customized development
Mobile test stand automation system

Automation system for shifting of vehicle gearboxes

Pneumatic clutch actuator for operation of clutch master cylinder

Automation system for shifting and testing of vehicle gearboxes directly at the shift lever

Dr.-Ing. S. Haußmann Industrieelektronik designs and manufactures components for test beds in the automotive industry and its suppliers. Our products are used on test beds in R&D departments as well as in the production - applications where quality and reliability in harsh environments are crucial.

Based on many years of experience we offer innovative solutions for the automotive and production industry. Customized designs and project developments complement our range of services.

Renowned manufacturers of cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and numerous suppliers rely on our products: