Regulation Unit FVG9401+

Fahrhebelverstellgerät FVG9401+

Versatile regulation unit for throttle valves, injection pumps, accelerator pedals and automatic gearboxes

The regulation unit FVG9401+ is a versatile linear actuator to operate throttle valves and injection pumps of internal combustion engines, as well as selector levers of automatic gearboxes and potentiometric pedal set-point adjusters.
The system consist of a highly precise actuators with a maintenance-free servo drive and a compact control and power electronics unit.

Main features:

  • Max. shifting travel: 180 mm
  • Max. shifting force: 500N (2000N temporarily)
  • Max. shifting speed: 1.6m/s
  • Resolution and repetitive accuracy: <± 0.05mm
  • Absolute position measuring
  • Push- and pull operation by 2 connection points
  • Limitation of shifting force
  • Connectable reset function with direction of action to be selected
  • Extended Safety functions:
    2-channel emergency stop and STO function
    Optional Safely-Limited Speed (SLS)


Flexball<sup>®</sup> cable or steel rod
Flexball® cable or steel rod

Flexball® cable or steel rod

The variable mechanical design offers a two-sided, mirrorsymmetrical coupling possibility for the FLEXBALL® cable or the steel rod. In addition it is possible to change the direction of action for both the actuator and the mechanical retraction equipment.

Force measuring
Force measuring

Force measuring

The optional force measuring equipment is sensing the actuation force directly at the coupling point and makes it available as analog voltage.

Connection for Miniterminal MT1
Connection for Miniterminal MT1

Connection for Miniterminal MT1

The Miniterminal MT1 which is available as an accessory can be plugged directly to the actuator without additional cabling. This allows the operator a direct view to the actuator or coupling point for all setting work.


Order information Order No
Steel rod with insert for version without force measuring, 180 mm travel SHB001471
FLEXBALL® cable insert for version without force measuring SHB000903
FLEXBALL® cable type DZ60, 1.5 m, 180 mm travel SHB001473
FLEXBALL® cable type DZ60, customized length (on request)
Miniterminal MT1 incl. connection cable, 1.5m and connector SHB000905
Handterminal HT9201 incl. connection cable, 3m and connector SHB000906
One hand grease press. incl. grease filling (370 g) for the extended temperature range
standard temperature – 40°C … + 70°C
Grease refill tube (370g) for the temperature range – 40°C up to + 70°C SHB001792
Spare filter insert for control panel SHB000910