Calibration Device KBE1

Inspection and calibration of force and displacement measuring system for automatic gearshift control GSA9001s

The calibration device KBE1 serves for the inspection and calibration of the force and displacement measuring systems of the automatic gearshift control GSA9001s. According to the GSA9001s design the calibration device KBE1 is available in a passenger car or truck version. Delivery scope of the calibration device KBE1 consists of a mobile calibration unit, a desktop housing (4U 19¨) with the control and evaluation electronics as well as the evaluation software to be installed in a customer-supplied PC.

Main features:

  • Mobile calibration unit to locate the GSA9001s actuator
  • Available for the calibration of GSA9001s actuators of passenger car and truck version
  • Control and evaluation electronics in 4U 19¨ desktop housing
  • Calibration traceability to gauged measuring equipment by DKD calibration protocols (German Calibration Service) available at option